The education of a designer is never over. 

I'll teach you how to go beyond deliverables and software, so you can THINK like a designer.

Online UX Classes

Our classes are designed to help you take action, and implement and innovate in your company and career.

Get insights from user interviews & usability tests.

If you’re not talking to users, then you’re not doing UX ... you're guessing.

Learn the step-by-step process of how to plan and conduct user research interviews and usability tests to find the insights needed for smart product decisions.​

Create UX portfolio that stands out and gets results.

Confused about what recruiters want to see and what to put in your portfolio?

The UX Portfolio Formula will show you exactly what to include, how to structure it, and how to tell the story of each project.

Prepare for UX interviews and be ready to present your work.

What should you be prepared to answer? How do you know what you should ask them?

This program will help you be ready for design exercises, and know how to present your work.


Free UX Resources

These guides have been created to help you get a quick start in specific areas of UX and design


35 questions to ask in a user research interview

Not sure what to ask in a user research interview?

This guide of 35 questions will give you a starting point for your own user research interview discussion guide so you can get the most of of your interviews.


A 60-point checklist for user research projects

Find participants for research. Schedule all the interviews. Send reminder emails.

There's a lot that goes into planning user research. This checklist will give you a starting point, to help you be have less overwhelm with the research process.


A free e-book to help you start your UX portfolio

You know you need a UX portfolio but you have no clue where to start.

Every time you google "UX portfolio tips" you end up in a vortex of content. Get started with this comprehensive, and action-oriented blueprint. 

I got more from User Research Mastery than from some in-person  courses and conferences that

I've been to.


UX Designer

I did my first user research interview and it rocked my world. The discussion guide is PURE GOLD.


Web Developer

I got a job offer within 5 weeks. Now I have my dream job. And I understand the UX of my UX portfolio, how ironic. 


UX Designer

The UX Notebook wants to help you learn how to think like a designer.

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