We teach people how to think like a designer so they can create positive impact and change.

A great product experience is shaped by everyone on a team, not just the people who have “UX” in their title. 


The UX Notebook aims to educate, inspire, and encourage everyone to consider how their role impacts the end experience.  


We focus on helping user experience designers, product designers, marketers, developers, and founders at companies of all types and sizes. 


We know you are tired of surface level content.

You don't just need another list of articles to read.

You don't want more theory.

You want actionable content you can apply to what you're working on.


The UX Notebook's sole focus is to help you keep learning, stay curious, and connect with a community of people who know the power that design has to impact businesses and lives. 

Join us as we aim to help everyone learn how to think like a designer.



"Good design is good business."

In the 1950's, Thomas Watson Jr, former CEO of IBM decided that he could put his stamp on IBM through modern design. 

Years later in 1973 while giving a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania, Watson declared:


"Good design is good business."

Design is not just an activity, it's an attitude.

Today people expect a good experience. And we can do it with design.


It's our job to give people a great experience, to connect people to the information or services they need as easily as possible.

Anything else, is putting our desires first instead of the desired outcome of our end customers.



Be a problem spotter.

Don't design a solution until you identify a problem. Our eyes are always scanning the world around us, looking for problems that need to be solved. We're curious, thoughtful, and deeply committed to connecting the dots and solving real problems.


Justify. Justify. Justify.

We are thoughtful and methodical. We don't chase trends. We consider every design decision with great detail. We can confidently and humbly justify our design decisions in a way that educates and doesn't alienate. And we constantly challenge our fellow designers to justify their design decisions.  


Look beyond the immediate.

We're obsessed with understanding why. We love to ask questions, find meaning, and uncover the true context of every situation. There's a story behind everything and we seek to discover it so we can equip ourselves with insight, ideas, and information to guide our solutions.


Unite and educate.

Our role often has us at the center of teams and organizations. We facilitate discussion and help establish a common vision. We aim to educate everyone we interact with about our role and the impact that design can have. We realize that great ideas can come from anyone and we seek them out. 


Love the process.

We don't focus on the destination. We don't let outcomes drive our process. We appreciate the process. And we understand that what we learn during the process may be more important than the outcome or deliverables. We embrace the unknown and are obsessed with learning.


I'm Sarah.

I'm a UX Designer, entrepreneur, and founder of The UX Notebook dedicated to helping you use design to create impact.

I want to help you and your team learn how to think like a designer.


As a designer, I'm fascinated with people.

Why they do the things they do.

Why they believe what they believe.

Why what they say doesn't always match their actions.


I'm always looking at the world and how people interact with it. And analyzing it. And sometimes redesigning it in my mind in seconds.  


For example, when I travel, I'm constantly analyzing each step - checking in, dropping off bags, going through security, placement of displays, arrangement of seats, gate areas, all of it. 

I'm telling you this because I want you to become a problem solver. I want you to start training yourself to see the people, and the world, around you.


See how people move through it.

See why they struggle, stumble, and succeed.

See when they take the reality they're given and improve it.

See where there hasn't been enough attention to detail.

I created The UX Notebook as my way of sharing not only what I have learned as a UX designer, but also as a way to help others to learn how to think like a designer.

Join me on the journey because the education of a designer is never over.


The UX Notebook wants to help you learn how to think like a designer.

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